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glad to use youre service when i dont like to use the software with bugs and problems with privacy so now noone know that i download the torrent through you and even faster than before with my program...

frAlain Dubois, Paris.

OMG my download just finished at like 3mb a second!!!111 I never had that with utorrent before because the stupid program would always be limited. But now nothing is limited because I download it stra...


The best part about doing it thru torrenthandler is that I don't have to upload anymore! That always killed my bandwidth, so I couldn't do anything else while I did it. And now you guys do all the wor...

usPeter, New Knoxville.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TorrentHandler do?

TorrentHandler gives you the opportunity to download a torrent directly from us without having to use a BitTorrent client. It allows for high speed downloading without wasting hours or days being online.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent, or a .torrent file, is a small download that supplies a BitTorrent client with information needed in order to download the file. You can download this file from search engines like or With TorrentHandler, you can upload this information and have us download it via a BitTorrent client, and then give you a high speed download link so you don't have to take the time to do it yourself.

Why should I use it?

Since we have clusters of servers all across the world, we're able to download the file you need at a higher speed through a BitTorrent client. All you need to do is click on the download link we give you when your file is done, and your download will now fly at the highest download speed allowed by your ISP. Plus, since you're downloading from us and not from many people across a BitTorrent client, your download is now secure and you are anonymous.

What kind of download speeds should I expect?

TorrentHandler does not limit speeds at all with our direct download links. The only limit to your speed is the one you have with your ISP. That means that these files are downloading at the maximum, allowing you to download huge files in a matter of minutes. And if you have real fast broadband, you can see your downloads go past 5mb/s!

Can I shut down my computer while my account is downloading?

You sure can! That's one of the many perks of using TorrentHandler over just a BitTorrent client.

How many torrent files can I run simultaneously?

You can run as many as you want at the same time, and we'll provide you with the direct download links when they're done, which you can also download simultaneously.

Is TorentHandler Mac compatible?

Yes, it is. But you shold use browser Mozilla Firefox.

Can I delete my account history? Should I send you a request to do that?

No, your account history/statistics may not be deleted. No one but you and TorrentHandler as Service Provider has access to your account statistics. There were cases of refund requests springing out after 6 months of the service use, thus we should keep this information.