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i j ust did my first downlaod with u and i cant belief how fast it was 2 do . it took like only a few minute to d/l a dvd file when i would wait for hours when i did it the way i did it be4 . thats cr...

usEli, San Francisco.

The best part about doing it thru torrenthandler is that I don't have to upload anymore! That always killed my bandwidth, so I couldn't do anything else while I did it. And now you guys do all the wor...

usPeter, New Knoxville.

all you need to know is that you dont need to download any software to download bit toorent files now, because all you need to do is give the torrent file to torrenthandler and they take care of teh r...

usSteve Z, San Jose.
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Terms and Conditions

We do not store any information on our members other than your email address which is used to login. We do not keep a record of what you download or upload.

We will never sell your information to any third-parties. It is strictly on our records for you to recover your login information and for us to contact you when your file is ready. IP addresses are logged for the prevention of abuse, and are deleted weekly from our records.

We do not moderate or monitor any of the files you download or upload. We will not be held responsible for any of the content you download here, so you need to make sure what you are downloading and uploading is legal. We reserve the right to remove any copyrighted material if a complaint is logged against it. These requests will be carried out immediately.

When you upload or download your own material, bear in mind that you are solely responsible for these submissions, as they can be used in any manner that other see fit because there is no copyright on them. You give permission when you put up your own user submissions for others to do as they see fit with the media. Be aware that TorrentHandler does not endorse any of the information you may receive from these files, and that you are downloading them at your own risk.

Sharing your account information (e.g. e-mail, password, direct download link, etc) with anyone else is strictly forbidden. If you’re caught doing so – giving it to a friend, sharing it at a public forum, etc – your account will be permanently banned.

We do not make a refund if:

  • the content of the downloaded file is not what you have expected it to be or it doesn’t suit your needs. Before adding a .torrent, please read the description/comments and related information, available either with TorrentHandler or the web. You may contact Support on how to find relevant information.
  • the file downloaded to your PC fails to be opened or unzipped. In case the full size file downloaded to your local disk has no associated software to be opened with, as well as codecs, etc. or has a password to open or activate it, TorrentHandler is not meant to provide you with it, both for free or paid. You may contact support on how to find relevant information.
  • the refill has been made by mistake. There is no rebilling or subscriptions set automatically. Each stage at TorrentHandler whether it is login/signup step, adding a torrent and especially refilling requires manual operation and conscious commitment of the client.
  • the reason for refund is about specifics of the torrent-to-file downloading, seeds’ availability and torrents’ validity.
  • any torrent has been added.